Our Partners

 Donations qualify donors for substantial tax deductions, sometimes totaling up to *double your cost (as provided in the 1976 Tax Reform Act, Section 170(e), and your company can avoid unnecessary inventory, handling, and destruction or dumping expenses, while clearing valuable warehouse space.  (We all know space is money.)

Your donation will directly impact the quality of life for low to moderate income residents, especially the ill, needy, and youth, who could not otherwise afford home renovation or improvements.  Also, (with the donor's permission) as Asset Recycling promotes its partnership with your company in print ads and among its clients, both of our agencies will be shown in the light of mutual concern for those in need and the environmental future of our planet.  (We respect the right of all donors to remain anonymous.) 

Indiana Department of Environmental Management

Urban Ore, Berkely, CA

Habitat ReStores (US)

The Loading Dock, Baltimore, MD