Asset Recycling, a division of Youth Fair Chance, Inc.
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Youth Fair Chance, Inc.
Asset Recycling

701 North Holt Road, Suite 1
Indianapolis, IN 46222
phone:  317-635-7774
fax:  317-635-7741
Asset Recycling offers a variety of building materials including: 

Windows            Plumbing          Hardware               Wallpaper        Seasonal Items
Doors                 Lighting            Granite                   Fabric               Art         
Flooring              Paint                Cabinetry                                        and more...

Gorgeous Display Cabinets
Loads of all-wood Trim
Cabinet Doors of all Sizes
Out Buildings, built to suit

*Specialty Items, like restaurant equipment

REMEMBER:  Asset Recycling accepts donations of usable materials.  Call us, 317-635-7774.  Pickups are often available.
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