Asset Recycling, a division of Youth Fair Chance, Inc.
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Asset Recycling, a division of Youth Fair Chance, Inc., a non-proft organization works to divert usable building materials from landfills while offering donors all allowable tax incentives for their contributions. It provides neighborhoods and individuals, especially the ill, needy, and youth, new and affordable building materials for home projects.

While the Asset Recycling warehouse primarily contains windows, doors, paint, plumbing supplies, flooring, and lighting, clients can also count on finding interesting deals arts and crafts items, holiday and party supplies, home decorating items, fabrics, and more! Asset Recycling houses over 30,000 square feet of new and ready-to-use resources.

The charity's focus is to provide today's youth with a fair chance for a safer and more environmentally friendly future by eliminating usable building materials from landfills

In operation since April of 2003, Asset Recycling is open to the public with a focus on serving those most in need of assistance with safe and affordable housing.   Inventory changes often, so frequent visits are encouraged.

Youth Fair Chance, Inc./Asset Recycling is a member of the State of Indiana's Partners for Pollution Prevention.

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As a donor to Asset Recycling, corporations and individuals alike are offered all allowable tax incentives.

Additionally, corporate donors are able to clear their own warehouses of hard to move or outdated materials, making space for new product, AND helping those most in need 

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